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Women going topless

Written by admin on March 23, 2008 – 10:16 pm -

As I am sure that many of you know NY has had a law on the books for a few years now that allows a woman to go topless/shirtless/top free/shirt free, or whatever other term one chooses to apply to it. In the same venues that a man may go topless/shirtless/top free/shirt free, i.e. the park, pool, lake/beach, home, backyard, etc. And I am sure that NY isn't the only one to do this. Yet, I haven't seen any women take advantage. My question is, why haven't more women taken, advantage of this change in the law?


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group of women

Written by admin on March 23, 2008 – 10:14 pm -


  1. In Florida a group of women have been trying to get these same rights for several years. They usually organize a demonstration in Daytona during Bike Week. Last year, the city attorney ruled that they had the right to go topless on the city street as part of a protest, as long as they weren't acting "lewd or disorderly". When the women showed up to conduct their protest and read a statement, they were surrounded by police and as soon as the leader took off her top, they were arrested for creating a disturbance. They were released soon after and the charges were dropped. It was just an excuse to get them off the street.

  2. This is at Bike Week where women flashing their breasts is as common as it is ar Mardi Gras and the authorities look the other way unless it gets out of hand. But a peaceful gathering to support women's right to go topless anywhere a man can is stopped without a real legal cause. Probably because they don't want the issue decided in the courts where they could lose.
  3. True, but taht doesn't mean that they can't take "baby steps" by going topless/topfree in in their homes, and yards. From there it would be the "logical" next step for one to say walk down to the "corner store" for a pack of smokes or a soda or something. And then from there going to the park, or an outdoor concert, and so on. . .
  4. True, but taht doesn't mean that they can't take "baby steps" by going topless/topfree in in their homes, and yards. From there it would be the "logical" next step for one to say walk down to the "corner store" for a pack of smokes or a soda or something. And then from there going to the park, or an outdoor concert, and so on. . .
  5. I agree Pete - the only reason I'm comfortable nude in public is because I'm only nude around other nudists - to walk top free as you put it around "so many immature men" is not something I'm willing to do...and my guess is there are very few women who would. If you're well endowed you'll get catcalls and if you're not you'll hear about that too... The baby steps end when you hit the street...
  6. There is one “problem” with your theory. And that is that sadly, there already are men (and women) who already engage in said behavior. And that it doesn’t matter if the woman in question is wearing a top or not.

    Also stop and think about how many gals who even though they haven’t had breast enlargement surgery to increase their breast size DO bras that are a size or two, too large and stuff the cups with tissue paper so that they appear to the naked eye as having larger breasts then they really do. In order to “encourage” those same “cat calls” and whistles. . .
  7. Yup - they already engage in that behavior which is a good indicator of what it would be like with topless women walking around - only much more pronounced...and more than likely a big reason women haven't taken advantage of the change in the law...or for that matter, the reason most women won't consider participating in nudism period.

    As for stuffing bras - that, I believe, is pretty much a teenage, prepubescent girl behavior - trying to look more grown up - not a big issue in mature women.

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about 5 males nude, but only one female topless

Written by admin on March 23, 2008 – 10:13 pm -

I apologize for the apparent misdirection by giving the url. Please let me clarify. I was trying to make the point that public nudity in BC is fairly well entrenched, so that mere toplessness is not really an issue legally (although, toplessness is not really very common, likely for reasons given by others). I just spent my afternoon on a municipal beach in the interior, and there were about 5 males nude, but only one female topless, which goes to show that although things are better here than many places, there's still room for improvement.

That's because men are unable to refrain from acting like Neanderthals around women that's why. Look at the immature way men act around women as it is, and you think women would be comfortable going topfree? You've gotta be kidding.

“Truth and Falsehood were bathing; Falsehood came out of the water first and dressed herself in Truth’s clothes. Truth, unwilling to put on the garments of Falsehood, went naked.”


I don't know if NYPD still practices this after a woman received $29,000 last year for being arrested for excercising her legal right to go topless...

The NYPD were told shortly after women won the right to go topless to "suggest" to topless women to put a shirt on. To "suggest" actually meant that the cop would stop the woman and angrily bark an order for her to put a shirt on. Women who didn't know their rights would comply. Those who knew their rights were expected to give into the intimidation of an officer yelling in their face and "voluntarily" cover their breasts. Doing something "voluntarily" meant waiving your rights because of the officers' implied threat of physical violence. The woman who received the 29G settlement complained that cops were so rough with her during her arrest that the bottom portion of her overalls were nearly torn off exposing her panties.

If the woman was at a parade or beach where their were a few other topless women, the officers were told not to say anything. However if they were in a public park or pool, a topless woman could expect harassment from the NYPD.

Much like the people who carry a pocket version of the constitution (which I'm increasingly inclined to think is a good idea), maybe state constitutions should be included. Though, I suppose pockets may occasionally be an issue for nudists. Fanny packs. Whodathunk they'd be so important?

When? is the million$ question here,woman who can legally go topless actually do, without the uproar like we seen with the superbowl caper,or the breast feeding in public outcries. It will turn heads for sure, maybe the sooner they feel and aren't treated like sex objects.The courts are saying its not an indecent act merely topless, its society that isn't ready or mature enough for that freedom of equality.When the court ruled, i asked many females this question, would you go topless? their answer NO! When their ready they can, will society ever be ready, who? knows? Maybe when mere nudity becomes legal, and we can go nude anywhere, anytime, they'll join us in equality for sure without sexism society rules.

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The breast thing is of course ultimately just a fetish.

Written by admin on March 23, 2008 – 10:11 pm -

The breast thing is of course ultimately just a fetish.

It might be amusing to set up a clone of the "Parents Television Council" to denounce every instance of showing feet on television as encouraging foot-fetish immorality, scolding that feet are a much worse problem than breasts ever were!

Meanwhile, I still think a line of male-solidarity swimtops would be a humorous and effective gender-equality protest -- just a ribbon of cloth with "If they can't be topfree, neither should we!" It's a tan line I'd be proud to have!

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