Driving bare is like having a portable nudist resort! I mean

, I think this is clear but I wanted to chime in with something to let everyone know I was read ing along, following the train of thought.

Nighttime is the greatest for low visibility by taller passing vehicles, but I never thought of driving bare during a rain storm!

Does anyone rely on bare driving as a means for staying alert while on LONG road trips?

Also, I’ve thought of the fact that if I was ever stopped and did not have enough time to put shorts on without being obvious about it, that “technically” being nude in my car is legal. Right? If the patrol car is the same height as my own personal vehicle and there’s NO OTHER REASON for me to be stopped, then why would the patrolperson believe I was naked? It’s not like there is a huge “tendency” of people driving naked, bottomless, or topless, right?

Since I am a guy it’s just as likely that I was only driving with my shirt off. If the officer cannot see you naked, then technically they have no reason to suppose it.

So if my license tags are current, I am not speeding, all security gear is working (blinkers, etc.). I sign properly and I am wearing my seatbelt, then I should not be stopped.

Of http://modestperson.com , the overhead traffic cameras may introduce an issue as well, and I believe they’re beginning to get high resolution cameras for all these goals.

In the hope that he or she’d need to generate another valid reason for stopping me, and also that they couldn’t just reply with, ‘It seemed as though you might be driving bare, Sir.’

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(again, which I don’t believe is cause enough to stop someone)

Even being stopped for any other reason, if caught in the nude, I consider every motorist should have the right to dress before exiting their vehicle to comply with roadside sobriety tests. As you can tell from this I have never been stopped for this type of test in my 28 years of driving.

(hmmm, perhaps there is even a law enforcement officer in the crowd who could comment on the technicalities of nude driving…)


“Why did not I think of going nude earlier?!”

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