Well yesterday I finally had the opportunity to bare the nat- ural, and walk into the sun.

To swim carefree in this world.
The beaches in the sun. to walk in the most natural and free way possible, like it was supposed to be be. Without a spirit to care. their were hundreds others approximately
However they also were swimming carefree in this fantastic place, watching schools of fish swim by, and speaking to each other like they were best friends. Others were outside walking on the fine white sands of the beach. We were speaking and unashamed, floating and swimming readily in the wonderful blue waters of the bay, the sun warming us with its intense life giving rays from above. Gone were the issues I’ve had in days gone by with a swimsuit filling up with air and sand and binding in the worst possible of manners. It was amazing not to need to sit down in a soggy swimsuit for a change. Walking down the beach couldn’t have been easier because even though we all appeared a little different, we were all really the same, without any racial, social or sexual hurdles to overcome.
My wife on the other hand was a bit uneasy to say the least. Inside my heart I know she would have loved it if she would have tried it, but there were too many issues for her to overcome before she could vindicate discarding her body armor. In case you like you could blame it on age, you could blame it on her self image. You could say it’s the taboos someone has drilled into her head for years, the body is poor, and seeing it’s a sin,or something. ( I actually don’t really know anyplace that this is backed up by facts!)
You could say she is a little set in My first encounter was at a club in South Carolina. I was able to easily accommodate to this new diversion but my wife was more apprehensive. She did participate in the nude tasks but she was very reserved and not too talkative which is uncommon for her. I believed that she had warmed up to to it by the second day but afterwards I learned that she was prepared to leave when the time came.
As for me, the experience was profound. I had http://x-public.com of the best experiences of my own life. I especially loved the swimming and lounging by the pool. After the encounter, I was prepared to go again but my wife didn’t share my delight. She was happy she went but would favor that she never go again. We have been 2 times since then but she kept to herself and didn’t engage with others whatsoever. To me, the most fun of all is being able to talk with like minded individuals and simply take pleasure in the organization of other people doing the same things I like to do.
I still very much enjoy being naked in a social setting but my wife does not like it and wishes I would only give it up. I keep expecting that things will change but for now, I a grab the chance to enjoy some nude recreation whenever my wife is away (which is not often) or I can spend just a couple hours AWOL when she’s occupied with a wedding shower or some sort of “girl” occasion. I keep expecting that one day she’ll change her mind and be more amenable to this but for the time being, I’m simply considering it slow.manners or a little hard headed. You could say she only believed bare was primitive and lewd, and consistently sexual in content. I guess I’m blessed to join the 10% or so who may be a little more amenable to these not so new ideas.
The Natural One

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