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  • Dame-Clem

    Exciting ladies! Would be tough to decide on which one you'd want to take home as they are all gorgeous! Beautiful bodies--great breasts, and wow--it's tough not getting an erection watching any of them!


    I do agree sir.

  • mike-calz

    She looks hot, if a little bored.

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    All she wanted was him to suck her nipples. Great capture!

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    Fabrice always has the best vids. Very hot girl, love the outdoor play.

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    Great compilation, very well put together

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  • slsteluk58

    C'est dommage l'embrouille qui a l'air de se faire d rriere

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    geile show

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    cant see anything!

  • fuckofff

    excellent, thanks for posting. a favorite now

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    I'd love to get fingered and watched by random strangers.

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    Thank you! Not mine video... sorry :-)

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    Thank you for voting. I think it is great if the ladies has a little bit more ass and tits.

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    friends who went there from Nam on R&R never mentioned the beach

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    Dude...that's the honest-to-god truth...give me a snort and FEEL my cock so hard I didn't care abt risk just get your mouth around my dick and let's ROAR!

  • Masterbat

    Ms. Y is no Nerd despite the Dame Edna glasses. Spankacious Ass indeed.

  • lunek61

    nice video....she makes 5min55s seem like forever!!

  • bombshell

    Damn dude missin da show lol

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    me enjoy

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  • HirnTot

    Dude probably got some sand in his mouth lol

  • biffa

    I like.

  • hounder69

    Personally, I enjoy the 'unseen' quality of this video. Seems like the lovely GF or wife of the cameraman, who doesn't want to be filmed (or hasn't been asked). And that makes it sexy to me.

  • txmike

    yessss ! thanks for posting

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    You are my idol! I have always wanted to be a rest area slut!

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    Super cute girls! Hot action, love!

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    Alas too large lips

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    where are these beaches damn

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    magnifique comme d'habitude... :)

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    Yup... repost but still one of my favorite outdoor vids!

  • Chrisdjon

    It can be fun inviting a new friend for a closer look.

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    Completely awesome! Can anyone tell what she says at 15:16? Starts with I think I'm.......

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