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  • ironryche

    Her hair is kinda stupid :( The rest is really good though. And those, those eyes are SWEET! Sooooo sweet, deep and dark! She'd be so much better with a better haircut (and probably color too) which pairs up with them.

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    Another fantastic collection.

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    if it's german, it's going to be good!

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    Beware where the sand gets in!

  • PapyBoumB

    LOL it should say Sorority Sisters....the content auto-correct must have switched it LOL

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  • Pacificel

    einfach nur geil... i like window movies !!

  • warriorpo

    And the best part? It's uncensored. Not a mosaic in the entire video.

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    Love that natural body. Glad you show it off for us to enjoy!!

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