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  • biggdaddy

    IMHO the vid is a total FAIL!

  • curious4b

    wow Thanks for the posting

  • johnnyjules

    I was to upload this :D

  • imeros

    Next time try Haulover Beach...All nude all the time...

  • feedher1

    Me encanta su inhibición tomando el son bien abierta de piernas enseñando el coño

  • jessica_f

    need more of the brunette in the white tank top, shes mad hot! anyone got a name?

  • ArbyF

    beauty pussy

  • husky76

    These two hot chix deserved what was cummin' to 'em!

  • natcreed007

    Fette Titten!

  • funsex91

    Great skinny slut...

  • wlba09

    nasty fuckin'french bitch !!!

  • jellowman

    awwwwwww,i was waiting for the climax

  • DirtyMind

    Loved the tight little bum hole on the redhead 06.26 wow

  • scar79

    Love the woman standing behing, groped by the black man and finally touching his dick.

  • GM1982

    Oh nee, das Video ist uralt und geklaut......

  • misterior

    This is art.

  • lolz

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  • asagi2014

    I didn't flash the first lady because just prior to the start of this clip there was also a guy walking down the street. I edited that bit out before posting :)

  • birick

    Of course they are French!!! Why else do you think they have that outrageous accent???

  • CEO0

    Very pretty sweet

  • Cornett

    wow what an amazing body en really hot dremwife fore all men

  • xxmarcinnxx

    mmmmmmmmmm what a cocksucker :)

  • toepher

    Also, try these aliases for Fratzi: Daniela, Frazi, Frazy, Frazzi, Frozzy, Nicki.

  • joshfanuk

    Hot vid so pretty

  • hornyman91

    Nice smooth swing...

  • rawheadre

    Good women

  • claypool2

    Great Video Very smart!

  • gej

    Why does almost every beach sex scene end the same way?

  • mscotton12

    mmm one of the hottest vids i've seen on here.

  • annafrenske

    fucking ace vid - love to try that

  • markking2

    real excitementnot bad, 2 14 yo boys would have been a greater turn on

  • voaior


  • chunkshank

    great video..

  • Bigasshot

    In dieser Schonheit wurde ich explodieren. Ganz tolles Gesicht mit wunderschonen Augen, herrlichem Korper und schonen kleinen festen Titten', rrrr !

  • prswinger

    Hot vid! Some beautiful hairy pussies.

  • handsonjob

    does anyone know if there are other video of this couple?

  • Sac68rus

    Et le Gremmy va ... pas elle. Ce tait amusant, cependant.

  • cuckhappy

    Zajebiste filmiki. dawaj wiecej!

  • heiss20

    Leaves a bit to be seen. I,v shot way better trining vids so I,ll have to see more to give this more than 1 star. I accidently clicked 5 but it,s only a 1 in fact !!!!!

  • vico4444

    Poor - Six minutes of my life wasted

  • MorePeter

    She Is Awesome.

  • stressoff

    that is fucking hot

  • gate89

    Awesome, Where is this?

  • fulltimef

    geile Vorstellung

  • Mistermag

    Wow! no wonder she was gathering an audience. Love the guys in the background with mobiles taking souvenir pics

  • Ibjorker

    Oh,this reminds me of that movie From Here To Eternity beach

  • pantyrubb

    Nice and the blowjob is typical and common

  • pappie2

    Wow, I need to be at a party like this with luscious, succulent, White grannies. That's heaven.

  • mocomax

    Anyway this is a great video!!!

  • antonio38

    cute babes at the beginning

  • johnnyx886

    How cool is this girl, WOW, I love her---4

  • DMWilmot

    Nice to see some beach action that isn't European - for a change of pace.

  • JesseJayK

    well done, too bad you didn't have a second cam to peer through to wood slats.

  • andysounds

    funy and hot xD

  • mjoji

    Cool clip

  • jelau1985

    trop exitant ce debut de baise dans les escaliers!!!

  • svalbardman

    This Guy Makes The Best Videos

  • Unfaithful9

    so what if its a repost? thanks for posting

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