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  • his_bleed

    WHERE IS THE REST OF THE VIDEO??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Why just cut the shit off and not let us see the rest?

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    Well if she was exhibiting anything then we couldn't see it because the camera was shaking so much!

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    Isn't it wonderful what a little lubricant will do for any of us. Nice video thank's.

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    Great looking girl but would have liked a little more action.

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    This is of course set up. Third one I've just watched shot in exactly the same place each with different girls- but with the same two young kids looking on. Wonder how much they had to pay for an afternoon of having the best seats on the beach??

  • HungInCT

    splendid !

  • k0mm

    So old and shown so many times

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  • Curt_Nickel

    Ich STEHE auf SOLCHE Mädels. gez.: Christoph Holker (aus D-45657 Recklinghausen bzw. aus D-46499 Hamminkeln)

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    very good quality

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