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  • MmSi

    Great movie. I don't get the guy half way through though. Why pull out of a gorgeous woman with a great body and (probably) a tight pussy so that you can stand in front of her and wank! The guy has clearly watched too much porn where they do it so you can see that he actually came.

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    Thank you sir, for giving us her name.

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    what about the finish ffs?/ :D

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    So nice , I did this many times with my ex asian girlfriend at the beach at night and during the day , Good memories !!!

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    La dió un beso y la dijo que si volvia por esa playa que l estaria atento para verla nuevamente, le dió un papel con su telefono por si deseaba verle en su casa, salió hacia mi que habia visto como observaba sus intimidades, me dijo que estas mujeres solitarias normalmente se las consigue facilmente y se folla seguro ya que muchas van a eso.

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    and Sirrex...yes, you can get that on a tour easily! What would make you think you couldn't??? It is Thailand after all!

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    Loved every minute of it!

  • Boiler

    merci pour l'ajout!

  • jonnybalb

    I must have seen 10 different partial videos of this scene, like this one, but never have I seen the full video.

  • Cumloving

    Hahah it's in Aachen-Brand, i live next to this Pool

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