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  • goophy

    way to short! thanks though

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    sex on the beach can be nice, but you have to be careful where the sand gets to though

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    A true babe for sure, but it would be much better to see in person give there is not much else going on. For a video of this length, she needed to mix things up a bit. Hump a piece of driftwood. Run in and out of the water. Or hell, just fuck me.

  • Colin_F10

    The Europeans are so much more comfortable with nudity than us prudish Americans. Some really cute gals shown, some just really nice and average. They all seem to be comfortable in their own skin.

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    Hardly a gang bang orgy!

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    Is it just me, or is anybody else having videos freeze up and not finish playing. This one freezes at .57. Same thing if I save it. Other than that, great video. She is very aware of the person taking the video, and doesn't like it. Probably doesn't know she is being recorded though.

  • webmaster63

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    another great video, thank you

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    What a load, that is the load I am looking for..... YUM

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    By all means, what is she exhibiting??? Because she's on the balcony???

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    I hoped that this was real cause I like the way she moving.One thing I can't stand is fake hidden cam,she peeks at the camera at 54sec.

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